Investing in the Recovery of our Communities

Morrison Real Estate along with its partners, individuals like yourself, is investing in the rebuilding of our communities one home at a time.  Most of our communities have been impacted by the economic conditions of today.  The vacant and mistreated properties that now dot our communities have become attractive nuisances for vandalism and squatters.

We, along with our partners are making a positive impact on our communities by purchasing and refurbishing these distressed homes.  We refurbished these homes in a high quality fashion, so that the homes go from eyesores to often one of the most attractive homes on the street. Once the refurbishing is completed they are offered to the public for purchase.

By far the majority of these homes are being purchased by individual home owners, a significant proportion of them being first time home owners.  By providing high quality, reasonably priced homes we are assisting individual in fulfilling their American Dream of home ownership;  while helping to restore communities from the blight of foreclosures.

You, as a partner in this endeavor, will be able to witness this surprising transformation and participate in the restoration of our communities.  Here’s a good example of one of the over 100 homes completed to date:

Before Renovation: 

After Renovation:

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Before and After Montage